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In the world of pink & blue light | Sumeet suryodhan

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." — Edith Head.

Hello friends, how's you all.. hope the monsoon winter are getting to chill as of now.

and you watched the movie I.t chapter 2 hahahahah.

So coming to point today's article is based on most fashionable product that is "JACKET". yes you heard right jacket.

At present jacket is something that has became essential in every girls and boys wardrobe with different types of colors & design. so as even am gonna share today article based on my Sumeet choice jacket/sweatshirt, which will not only make u look good but even other people will find it sexy collection of jacket.

As you see the image of mine in this current picture i have worn a hoodie sweatshirt / jacket which is medium in size and its a combination color of black & white, which everyone likes. i got this jacket from clubfactory .

The fabric of this jacket is good and to light to wear, once you wear there are no harassment type feeling (i.e feeling hot, itchiness, over weight).

You will get multiple choice of color collection in this jacket.

The cap of this jacket is direct, there is no optional way to attach, it is co-joined.

fabric of the jacket is very soft and light. can be used in winter season as well.

I worn this jacket with ripped short track which is olive green in color from levis company. i liked the both combination i worn as the color was matching. This Sweatshirt has a cool logo in front and on the left hand sleeves. you can wear this sweatshirt on parties, hangout & some festival.

So if you wanna purchase this sweatshirt just log on to clubfactory, and purchase it.

let me know, what you think about this jacket/sweatshirt.

I hope you liked this article related to sweatshirt/jacket with some tips and hack by Sumeet Suryodhan. 

So peoples if you have something in your mind or confused related to fashion, fitness & lifestyle , you can let me know and I might help you.

For more update regarding Fashion|Fitness|Lifestyle stay connected.

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